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New Exhibition on Ukraine

I created the trailer music for this new exhibition by Sara Nesteruk that highlights historical parallels for Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine. More details below:

New exhibition in partnership with @holodomormuseum at @kwasshopandbar, @byparley & @holocaust_hud

The not condemned genocide of Ukrainians repeats by @recipesforbakingbread.

Launch evening at Kwas: Wednesday 8th June at 7pm / exhibition runs until 15th June

Then moves onto @byparley & @holocaust_hud


The exhibition reveals the longevity of the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine. From imperial encroachments on its territory to the genocide of Ukrainians. Referring to history, drawing parallels to understand better the Russian war that began on February 24, 2022, in Ukraine and the main purpose of this war and its consequences.

The objective is to explain to Europeans the need to support Ukraine in its victory over Russia as soon as possible in order to prevent even greater crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine and other negative consequences for European countries.

Kwas Shop and Bar

8 June – 15 June 2022

Parlour by Parley

16 June – 22 June 2022

Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre

10 June – 23 June 2022

Curation and Exhibition:

Holodomor Museum


Sara Nesteruk


Yoni Collier


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